An easy, fast, and fun descent with classic Lofoten scenery.


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This is the alternative descent from Finngluntan avoiding the short, steep, technical, rocky part.

The trail does finish at a different location from the starting point for the Finngluntan route, but the road is easily followed back to trailhead parking.

Although this offers a different route for the descent, it could be ridden in reverse as a climb.

However, the recommended route for ascent is the one described in FATMAP’s ‘"Finngluntan" route which, apart from a short hike-a-bike section, makes for a more enjoyable and rideable route up. This descent route initially follows the same trail as that taken to climb to the summit of Finngluntan, with a very enjoyable section riding down the flattened ridge as the ground gently falls away to both sides.

During this part of the descent, the views are spectacular all around of multiple mountains, ridges, and lots of water as the sea ingresses to the land.

Towards the end of the ridge, the Hagskaret Ned trail forks off to the right.

This is the alternative descent and can be easily missed.

The trail pleasantly meanders down through dense, peaty scrubland through patches of low shrub-trees.

There are multiple trail choices that weave down through the shrub-trees, all ending at the same point.

Some boggy areas make for interesting riding.

Look out for the traditional wooden ski jumps on the way down.