Experience the exhilarating Classic Madari Ridge Rapture tour, where panoramic vistas and thrilling trails intertwine for an unforgettable eMTB adventure through Cyprus's rugged beauty.









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Classic Madari Ridge Rapture: Panoramic Peaks & Thrilling Trails Prepare for an epic adventure with our Classic Madari Ridge Rapture tour, where panoramic views and thrilling trails await around every corner.

This classic eMTB journey promises an unforgettable experience for riders seeking a blend of technical challenges and breathtaking vistas amidst the rugged beauty of Madari. Starting Point: Adventure Mountain Park (AMP) Begin your adventure at Adventure Mountain Park, your gateway to the wild wonders of Madari.

After gearing up and getting acquainted with your eMTB, it's time to embark on a classic journey that will test your skills and leave you in awe of Cyprus's stunning landscapes. Technical Ascent on Doxa si o Theos - Madari Trail: The tour kicks off with a technical ascent on the Doxa si o Theos - Madari trail, where riders may need to push their bikes for short sections.

Despite the challenges, the trail rewards your efforts with panoramic views of Madari ridge, offering a glimpse of the adventure that lies ahead. Fast Flowy to Steep Technical Descends on Madari to Selladi tou Karamalli Trail: From the ridge, descend along the Madari to Selladi tou Karamalli trail, where fast-flowing sections alternate with technical descents and switchbacks.

Feel the thrill of speed as you navigate the terrain, balancing agility and control with every twist and turn of the trail. Thrilling Descent to Moutti tis Choras and Petaloudes Trail: After Selladi tou Karamalli, drop down to Moutti tis Choras on a fast and flowy trail that promises adrenaline-pumping thrills.

Before the climb back to Moutti tis Choras, embark on the new MTB-specific Petaloudes Trail, an exhilarating descent to Kanavia village.

Experience steep sections, river crossings, and shredding switchbacks as you navigate this amazing trail. Return Journey via Kanavia Village and Panayia Kazaviotissa Church: Follow the dirt road to Kanavia village, where you'll begin the climb back to AMP.

Along the way, stop at the picnic spot near the church of Panayia Kazaviotissa to rest before tackling the final ascent. Optional Climbing Trail: For those seeking an extra challenge, take the Moutti tis Chora to Doxa si o Theos trail at the intersection of Spillia.

Enjoy a rewarding climb on this scenic trail, soaking in the beauty of Madari one last time before returning to Adventure Mountain Park.

Otherwise follow the parallel asphalt road that takes you back to AMP.