Embark on the Madari Enduro Marathon, a full-day odyssey through Cyprus's most exhilarating single track natural trails, offering an unforgettable journey for avid adventurers seeking the ultimate eMTB experience.









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Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled journey through Madari's rugged terrain with our Madari Enduro Marathon tour, where epic single track trails and breathtaking vistas await around every turn.

This ultimate enduro ride promises an unforgettable experience for riders seeking a thrilling challenge amidst the wild beauty of Cyprus. Starting Point: Adventure Mountain Park (AMP) Begin your adventure at Adventure Mountain Park, your gateway to the wild wonders of Madari.

After gearing up and getting acquainted with your eMTB, it's time to embark on an epic journey that will push your limits and leave you in awe of the stunning landscapes. Panoramic Ridge Climb to Madari Fire Lookout: The tour kicks off with a challenging climb up the Doxa si o Theos - Madari trail, leading you to the panoramic ridge trail and ultimately to the Madari Fire Lookout.

Take in sweeping views of the surrounding wilderness as you ascend to new heights, fueled by the thrill of adventure. Descent via Chambis Shortcut to Madari - Selladi tou Karamalli Trail: From the Madari Fire Lookout, descend via the Chambis Shortcut to join the Madari - Selladi tou Karamalli trail.

Navigate technical terrain and rocky sections with skill and precision, enjoying the adrenaline rush of the descent as you make your way towards Selladi tou Karamalli. E4 Trail and Selladi tou Karamalli - Kanavia Natural Trail: From Selladi tou Karamalli drop down a short section of E4 trail and then follow the dirt road to reach the start of the Selladi tou Karamalli - Kanavia Natural Trail.

Experience the thrill of steep, rocky, and technical sections followed by flowy off-camber segments in the pine forest, immersing yourself in the natural beauty of Madari. Scenic Dirt Road and Fire Lane to EOKA Hideouts Trails: After the first descent down to Kanavia, navigate through the complex system of 4x4 roads, taking care with road intersections, the final part ascends a steep fire lane (might need to walk the bike) to the top of the EOKA Hideouts trails.

Begin with the easy flowy trail of EOKA Hideouts, leading you to Selladi tis Straorouthkias. Flowy Woods and Switchbacks in Kourdali: Follow the trail towards Kourdali, where narrow switchbacks give way to more flowy sections in the woods.

Enjoy the varied terrain as you make your way towards Spilia and Moutti tis Choras. Climb to Doxa si o Theos: Begin your return journey by ascending to Doxa si o Theos, where you'll be rewarded with breathtaking views before the thrilling descent ahead. Descent on Doxa si o Theos - Moutti tis Choras Trail: Enjoy the exhilarating descent down the short but fast Doxa si o Theos - Moutti tis Choras trail.

Navigate the twists and turns with agility as you soak in the scenic beauty of Madari. Selladi tou Karamalli - Moutti tis Choras Trail: Embark on the Selladi tou Karamalli - Moutti tis Choras trail, where thrilling descents and challenging terrain await.

Navigate through rocky sections and technical features as you make your way towards Moutti tis Choras. Petaloudes Trail: Enter the enchanting Petaloudes Trail, where adventure awaits around every bend.

Descend through lush forests, navigating steep sections, river crossings, and exhilarating switchbacks.

Immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Cyprus as you make your way towards Kanavia. Arrival at Kanavia and Ascent to AMP: Conclude your epic adventure with a triumphant arrival in Kanavia, where you can take a moment to reflect on your journey.

Then, embark on the final climb back to Adventure Mountain Park, where you can celebrate your accomplishments and relax after a day filled with unforgettable experiences.