Short trail but some of the best skiing on the mountain.









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When people think of glade skiing at Mt.

Sunapee, they tend to quickly ski off the well-known marked glades such as Summit Glades, Dare Ya's, and Hawes Hideout.

Sure, those glades are amazing, but I know you want to find some untracked powder! Old Goat Glades, unlike its well known trails near it, remains unmarked and elusive, known only to those who have spent years exploring every nook and cranny of the mountain.

This hidden zone offers some of the best tree skiing at Mt.


The glade’s slope, consistently around 15 degrees or more, maybe not the steepest on this list but probably the most fun to lap. The glade features only one rather narrow cut path, and even this is challenging to locate.

This path, while elusive, serves as a gateway to a hidden world within the forest.

Once found, it guides skiers through a corridor of towering trees, their snow-covered branches creating a magical, almost otherworldly atmosphere.

The sense of discovery upon finding this path is immensely rewarding. Old Goat Glades is more than just a hidden ski trail; it’s a sanctuary for those who appreciate the raw, untamed side of nature.

Away from the marked trails and the crowds, it offers a sense of peace and solitude that is increasingly rare.

For locals and those who have spent years exploring Mt.

Sunapee, Old Goat Glades is a well-guarded secret.

Sharing the location of this hidden gem is a matter of trust, reserved for those who respect the sanctity of the experience.

It’s a testament to the thrill of adventure and the joy of uncovering hidden treasures on the mountain.

The camaraderie among those who know of Old Goat Glades is palpable, bound by shared experiences and a love for the wild.