A true alpine experience with high exposure along the Tovière ridge.


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The French Alps are famed for offering a spectacular landscape in a mountainous environment—a truly magical and stunning place to hike.

This route offers a true alpine experience with high exposure along the Tovière ridge.

Lac de Tignes is the best place to park, as the trail starts from the top of the Tovière lift, which is taken from this centre.

Alternatively, this trail can be combined with other trails in the area for a longer hike or to connect to/from other areas. Pas de la Tovière is reached at the top of the Tovière lift at 2,704m alt.

The trail starts here and is signed as the "Pointe de Fresse," all though you may have heard of this route referred to as "Ice Tignes." The trail begins with a short descent.

The route is clearly visible ahead and opposite as it climbs back up and along the ridgeline.

It continues to climb until the high point of the ridge is reached: Pointe de Fresse (2,694m).

The panoramic views all along the ridge are stunning! Take the time to stop at Pointe de Fresse to absorb them.

Continue along the ridge trail, which will now descend.

As this is an "out and back" route, the return will be the reverse of what you've already walked.

You can turn around at any time along the ridge or continue to the end. The trail is an easy, well-trodden path with very few rocks/boulders to walk over, but there is a high level of exposure—which you would expect from walking along a ridgeline, as the terrain falls away at each side.

The lifts are open for a short summer period between July and August.

Hiking is possible outside of the summer season with the correct equipment and experience for the given conditions.