Quiet stroll along the canyon rim near North Rim Campground and Grand Canyon Lodge.


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Transept Trail travels between North Rim Campground and Grand Canyon Lodge, near the canyon rim.

Even though it connects these two hubs, the trail is rarely busy.

Find a bench or natural outcrop all to yourself and enjoy the view.

It’s an especially beautiful place to stroll at sunrise or sunset.

Access the trail from the Backcountry Office, the general store and campground, or from the lodge. The canyon you’ll look upon while hiking is called The Transept.

It’s a fairly wide and deep gorge, but it's actually just a side canyon of Bright Angel Canyon, which is itself a side canyon of the Grand Canyon.

From Transept Trail you can peer across the main canyon and see all the way to South Rim, but you’ll see even more by extending the hike to nearby Bright Angel Point. Other highlights of Transept Trail include shade beneath conifers and oaks, wildflowers in summer, and wildlife like mule deer.

There is also a Native American ruin along the trail.

The foundation of a house is all that remains, but it's easily visible, and a sign explains a little more about it. Sources: https://www.nps.gov/grca/learn/news/upload/nr-pocket-map.pdf