An incredible enduro ride down three of the best descents in Collserola.


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Parc de Collserola is rich with brutally-rocky enduro descents, and this route combination conquers three of the best descents in the region! As with all rides in this region of Collserola, you can choose to either pedal up the pavement or ride to the top in the funicular.

The route mapped here begins from the top of the funicular, near el Tibidabo. After pedaling up past Tibidabo, the Aqueducto descent begins with a wide, mellow trail that narrows into a flowy, traversing singletrack.

But soon, the bottom drops out! Once Aqueducto begins dropping, it drops fast and fierce. Exposed, jagged bedrock forms the tread of the ancient, heavily-eroded singletrack.

The trails in Collserola have a tendency to drop into deep, eroded troughs at random, then pop back out on top of the soil only to lead to the next trough.

These troughs can be quite tricky, with uber-gnarly rock features in the bottom complicated by handlebar-snagging stones along the sides of the gullies. One section of Aqueducto features a massive, cascading waterfall feature.

This rippled series of rock ledges offers a plethora of line choices down a visually-stunning technical feature.

This rock is worth sessioning at least a few times to snap some photos for the ‘gram! Once down at the bottom, turn back up the mountain and begin pedaling.

After climbing about 2/3 of the way up, you’ll reach the Pajaros descent. Where Aqueducto feels a little disconnected, alternating between smooth and flowy sections and rocky tech sections, Pajaros feels a bit more continuous and consistent all the way down the mountain.

A reliable series of gnar will assault you at top speed as you bomb back down the mountain.

Expect rock gardens on rock gardens, exposed bedrock features, and of course, a few sudden, eroded rocky troughs.

Once at the bottom, turn around and pedal back up the same road.

This time, climb all the way to the top of the mountain to descend La Secreta down the front side. La Secreta is one of the most technical trails on the mountain! Some riders have fashioned sketchy lips and mini-jumps down the trail, but beware the short landings and non-existent runouts! If the other trails in Collserola are filled with narrow, gnarly troughs, then La Secreta is the king of sketchy trough features.

Several washed out gullies with burly ledge drops around blind corners can catch you by surprise, so ride heads up and try to dial it back… which is difficult on such a fast, steep trail! If you make it through this entire ride without drawing blood, pat yourself on the back for a job well done!