Classic hiking trail to the summit of Mammoth Mountain, with the option to shorten the hike with the gondola.


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The summit of Mammoth Mountain is an obvious and worthy hiking objective! There are two main ways to reach it on foot: via the Mammoth Mountain Trail or via the Dragon’s Back Trail.

“From Main Lodge, the Mammoth Mountain Trail threads its way up along the western flank of the dormant volcano that dominates the area,” writes [](

As the trail passes Reds Lake, the trees begin to thin and the views of the surrounding area begin to open up.

Soon, you’ll hike out of the trees and into the rugged alpine terrain covered in volcanic pumice.

From the flanks of Mammoth Mountain, you can enjoy "vistas across Reds Meadow Valley and the Ansel Adams Wilderness to the Ritter Range, the Minarets and down the San Joaquin drainage to Balloon Dome and the Central Valley beyond,” according to MammothTrails. A gondola runs to the peak of Mammoth Mountain, providing the opportunity to complete this hike in one of three ways: 1.

Hike the trail out-and-back, as mapped here 2.

Hike up the trail, and download on the gondola 3.

Take the gondola to the summit, and hike down the trail Whichever method you choose, you’re guaranteed to enjoy this stunning hike! Sources: