Run the shores of stunning glacial lakes along the eastern slopes of Mount Moran, the 4th highest peak in the Tetons.


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Run along the shores of Leigh Lake, a glacial lake resting along the eastern slopes of Mount Moran, the 4th highest peak in the Tetons.

One of the easier runs in the park, many suggest an early morning start to enjoy the sunrise as it illuminates the mountainside with a stunning array of colors.

Many consider Leigh Lake an excellent alternative to [Jenny Lake](,-110.7524564,11228.9880272,-76.1573882,0,2045.7621443,normal), offering a similar experience, but often without the crowds. The run begins at the trailhead for both String and Leigh Lakes, labeled on some maps as Paintbrush Canyon Trailhead.

As mapped, the entire run is 11 miles long, though it is an out-and-back so you could turn around whenever you'd like.

For those who venture to the end, two side trails venture to Bearpaw and Trapper Lakes, as well as a quiet cove along the shores of Lake Jackson. Named after a 19th-century trapper, the 1,800-acre lake reaches an impressive depth of 250 feet, with a surface elevation near 6,900 feet above sea level.

For perspective, across the lake from the trail, the 12,600-foot peak of Mount Moran stands a full mile above where you'll be running.

The best time to visit the loop is between May and October.

A large paved parking lot at the trailhead is suitable for larger vehicles, including RVs and trailers.

Seasonal restrooms are also available.