The gnarliest descent in the greater Snow King trail system.


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The greater Snow King Mountain trail system includes the ultra-popular Cache Creek to Game Creek loop, but it also includes some lesser-known gems—including much gnarlier descents.

The Wilson Canyon trail is considered by many to be the most technical trail in the Snow King trail system, rated either black diamond or double black, depending on who you ask. After pedaling up the front side of the mountain (either climb straight up or wind your way to the top on a selection of singletrack), this route offers some beautiful mountain top cruising through wide-open meadows on flowy singletrack.

Now that you’re up above the town of Jackson, you can see over the low hills surrounding town to the towering Tetons off in the distance. After flowing up and down some entertaining singletrack, you’ll reach the drop in to Wilson Canyon proper.

Wilson Canyon is an old school, fall line singletrack that drops more or less straight down the canyon, dumping out on the bike path below.

Along the way the singletrack traverses through loose, sliding scree, massive rock gardens, rock drops, roots—all manner of gnar.

If you make it through the chunder, the trail dumps out onto the bike path near the highway.

Take a right, and pedal it back into town.

In FATMAP, the bike path return is mapped as a portion of the Cache Creek to Game Creek Loop.