Skyline Ridge offers stunning views of 4 different mountain ranges, and Josie's Ridge finishes the ride with a technical descent.


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The Skyline Ridge Trail “[connects] the top of the Ferrin’s trail to the Cache-Game Divide, offering up incredible views in all directions in addition to creating a multitude of new singletrack options for trail users,” writes Patrick on As you’d imagine, the trail follows Skyline Ridge, and thanks to the incredible real estate that this singletrack occupies, the entire ride is extremely photogenic—from wildflowers to views of mountain peaks.

In fact, according to Brigid Mander on, the trail offers views of 4 distinct mountain ranges. Skyline Ridge can be ridden in either direction.

The route mapped here sends riders up the most technical section of the trail—1.5 miles of switchbacks up a steep, rocky slope.

Many riders choose to ride down this section.

However, if you climb up Cache Creek and then climb these switchbacks, Skyline Ridge will lead you over to the top of Snow King Mountain and then offer up a challenging descent down Josie’s Ridge, back into town. "Josies's is, in places, a VERY steep, loose switchbacking trail with numerous stairs,” according to Mountain Bike The Tetons.

As a result, it’s recommended to only ride this trail in the downhill direction. Sources: