Short trail from Fallen Leaf Lake Campground with views of the lake and Taylor Creek.


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This is a super short and easy loop that begins in Fallen Leaf Campground.

It leads through shady old growth forest along the bank of Taylor Creek and the shore of Fallen Leaf Lake, on the lake’s moraine.

A moraine is the mound of earth that builds up in front of a glacier.

When the glacier that was here melted away, water filled the space and was partially dammed by the moraine, creating a natural lake.

Today, the lake level is controlled by a small dam on the creek that flows through the moraine, which you can see from the trail.

You will also get great views across the lake to Mount Tallac and Echo Peak.

The main loop is short and confined to a small area, but you can follow paths along the lakeshore to go farther.

Be mindful of private property if you venture too far from the campground. The Moraine Trail is most popular with campers during the summer, but is good any time of year.

There is free day-use parking at the trailhead, near campsite #75.

When the campground is closed in winter, you must walk or ski through the campground from the road to access the trail. Sources: