The best descent down the north face of the Pramecou, but only for the experienced.









FATMAP difficulty grade



To access this variant of the North Face of the Pramecou requires a short (30m) rappel.

Once in, this is a steep & rarely visited powder field.

You're initially perched above some nasty terrain below before making a (skier’s) rightward traverse, so make sure every turn is solid here as a fall in the wrong conditions at the top wouldn't be too pretty. From the top of the ‘Pramecou North Face’ freeride line, descend in a westerly direction staying fairly close to the north face (as close as safely possible) until you have to drop over for a short distance on the south side to skirt around a rocky buttress.

You will soon reach an obvious col with a short couloir on the north side.

This is where you’ll be able to locate the bolt. The single bolt for this rappel is usually buried, so digging may be needed! It's located about 1m back from the edge of the north face on the closest rock to the face.

The rappel is down a straightforward short couloir (allowing you to keep your skis on during the rappel) before you’re on the snow slope- make sure you check snow conditions before removing yourself from the rope. Once you’re onto the perfectly situated powder field, you can carve some awesome turns on what will most likely be fresh snow.

Take it easy at first as things are pretty steep at the top section, before making a skier’s right traverse to reduce the exposure from the cliffs below.

Once you’ve made the traverse then you can really lap up the steep powder bowl below, all to the envy of the onlookers who decided to ski the (most likely tracked out) north face of the Pramecou!