A beautiful tour through remote scenery, ideal for working on your fitness and keeping yourself well away from trouble on those high-risk days.


3 - 4









FATMAP difficulty grade



Col de la Grassaz is a great choice to keep you away from any temptation to take things any steeper if avalanche conditions dictate, whilst also giving you a fantastic view of the Tarentaise giant the Grande Casse as you pass in front of it. The start of this tour is reached by taking the Col du Palet button tow and then sidestepping/skinning up to the middle of the Col du Palet.

From the Col, you can take your skins off and begin to descend down the valley in a south west direction around the Aiguille Noir - this ski involves a few nice roll overs, but the scenery is what makes it worthwhile with ample 3000 - 3,800m peaks surrounding you. Once you come to the junction where the two valleys meet, re-attach your skins and start ascending up to the Col de la Grassaz.

Once you’re at the Col de la Grassaz, another great ski awaits with fresh scenery ahead of you all the way leading down to the top of the Montée de la Tourne. It’s great to have a break at this picturesque flat point of the Montée de la Tourne, have some lunch, take in the surroundings and re-attach your skins to your skis/splitboard before ascending up to Col de la Tourne where you’re flanked by the imposing Grattalu couloirs on one side and the Rochers Rouges on the other.

The Col de la Tourne then leads back to resort via the Ancolie piste.