This hike will truly fulfill your stay in Lucerne.


5 - 6









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If you are visiting Lucerne, either for a shorter or a longer period, this is a hike you cannot miss before leaving.

The beauty of the city only gets confirmed by going up to Pilatus.

One other nice bonus is that there are no time constraints—this hike can be done as an “all-day-thing,” or just a short visit! This hike offers impressive views, including the great Vierwaldstättersee (Lake Lucerne) and the big mountains located in the Engelberg region.

Also, the nature around the trail itself is lovely, walking through trees in the start before arriving to more open, green areas further up.

The atmosphere can give you the 100% traditional feeling of being in the Alps.

There are plenty of chances to become friendly with cows around and approaching the top, you might even be lucky enough to hear someone playing the famous alphorn.

The trail is very suitable for hikers from all levels.

Good to keep in mind, though, is that this is a quite attractive place, with many people on a nice day. After arriving at Pilatus there are several options.

A hotel and restaurants are situated right at the top, or an exciting path on the mountainside will lead you on a short, but very cool walk to Tomlishorn. There are many possibilities when heading back down again.

If you wish to walk, you can of course return the same way you came up.

If preferred, there are also other paths with signs leading the way down.

Another alternative is to take the gondola to Fräkmütegg, or Pilatus Bahen, the steepest cogwheel railway in the world, can bring you to Alpnachstad.