Ski this huge descent which starts from the col splitting the two Tarentaise giants - the Grande Motte and the Grande Casse.


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A hidden gem of a route - not too technically difficult in terms of a ski descent compared to the other routes on the south side of the Grande Motte and Casse but the crux is in the approach which can become lethal in the wrong conditions as you traverse over and below some extremely exposed terrain. The approach to Col de Prémou involves glacier travel so should not be taken lightly or without the necessary equipment and remember, once you’re at the col, there’s no going back so make sure you’re also of a good technical ability to complete the descent.

A short sidestep up from the top of the Grande Motte station followed by a traverse is the quickest way to reach a col that offers access through the top of the cliff band via a short yet steep couloir. Following the couloir, a skier’s left hand traverse needs to be made once you pass below the cliff band on your left hand side - keep traversing across this crevassed glacier until you reach a steep and often rocky couloir.

The couloir ski the couloir to reach the col where you will see this fantastic south facing route drop below you. A long descent of consistent steepness awaits you from top to bottom in beautiful surroundings.

You’re also not limited to dropping into just one section of this wide col, choose where you drop in based on conditions and your ski ability. Ski all the way down to the valley floor to then pop your skins on and follow the return route back up the valley from Refuge de la Leisse.