San Martino - Folgaria


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Trentinos Secrets - This is an enchanted trip through Trentino on paths off the beaten track.

This route proofs that it’s worth taking a look behind the scenes of the busy bike trails.

At first, there is Lago di Calaita – a jewel.

In the crystal clear water the Dolomites are reflected for the last time, Bye Bye Dolomites! But don’t shed a tear, the awesome trail follows from this lake through the forest to Canal San Bovo and makes the farewell very bearable.

In addition, the descent from Passo Brocon to Castello Tesino is one of the most beautiful of this Transalp.

The mystical paths in this no man's land, partly carved into the rocks, offer a great contrast to the panoramic paths of the Dolomites.

It will be great fun to ride them.

After crossing the Valsugana, the ascent to Folgaria is just as enchanting.

A lot is completely new and the mix of secret paths of different kinds makes it a very varied experience.