Folgaria - Trento


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History Tracks - This is a short excursion into the history of the Alpe Cimbra, the plateau of Folgaria, Lavarone and Luserna.

The 1st World War has left its mark here and this stage follows them to the capital Trento.

At strategically important points, which are also the most scenic spots, fortresses were built during that time.

They are open for visitors to this day.

Another legacy of the war is an extensive network of paths from which all bikers still profit.

These are exactly the paths that lead to those forts in these noble places.

There is the fortress at Dosso del Sommo, the mighty Forte Cherle but also smaller ones like the Forte Fornas or the Brusafer, which are only remembered by signs in the forest.

Just as fascinating as the history behind these paths is their nature.

There is very little asphalt on this stage, but many gravel roads and forest paths, which are an exciting bike adventure.

By the way, the first ascent to Dosso del Sommo was exactly the same at the Bike Transalp in 1998.

This means two traces of history to follow on.