Immaculate riding both above and below the tree line—a locals favourite.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Start from either the Vallorcine or Le Tour lifts.

From the Col des Posettes, pedal uphill for a short but steep climb in the direction of Aiguillette des Posettes.

Experienced riders will get the most out of this trail, yet beginners will also find most of it rideable if the left branch is taken lower down.

Pick your way down delightful singletrack.

but beware at the start of sharp slabs of rock placed across the track (to mitigate erosion) waiting to puncture your tires.

Take care to watch out for hikers on this popular trail. The first technical obstacle is a large but fully-rideable rock garden.

This is followed by some gorgeous bermed, flowy switchbacks which soon bring you to a fork.

The left fork features fast and smooth riding which leads into some tight switchbacks, eventually finishing at the Le Tour parking.

The right fork is gnarlier with plenty of rocks and large roots to keep you on your toes.

Halfway down this section there is yet another divide.

The left branch features some very technical switchbacks which are all just about rideable for highly-skilled riders.

This trail also finishes back at the Le Tour parking.

If you again take the second right turn, you are soon to encounter some truly gnarly "Cham" style riding which, unless you are a biking god, will see you walking some sections.

The middle fork is also very technical yet more rideable.

The far-right fork brings you out onto the Col des Montets where you can then continue the descent via some pleasant and cruisy singletrack on the same side of the road.