This challenging blue drops sharply from Downhill to the bottom of the Rainier Express Chair.









This challenging blue starts as a sidehill traverse from the Downhill run.

Once you can see the steep dropoff, you are committed to the trail, so take caution.

For skiers and riders wanting to avoid going all the way to the bottom of the ski area to transition to the Mountain Top side of Crystal, Rolling Knolls offers a fun, steep and sometimes powdery shortcut.

The run drops sharply twice, making a slight right turn to end at the bottom of Rainier Express.

The best snow can be found on the far right side of the lower drop, where the terrain is much steeper.

This run is steep enough that it requires a winch for grooming.

Stay in the groomed section for less challenge.

The trees on either side of the run offer fun glades.

The glade on the right side is often quite deep and steep.

Watch for avalanches and tree wells.