A demanding double black diamond descent down the nose of the mountain.


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Antenna -> Pedrera ("Pedrera" for short) is one of the most demanding descents down the front side of the mountain, back toward Barcelona.

Thanks to its convenient ending right on the edge of town, this brutally-technical descent is popular with advanced and expert-level local riders. Exercise caution if you choose to drop into this descent.

The rock features are big, burly, and often awkward.

While many can be rolled, others should be dropped, and the landing zones and run-outs are _not_ bike-optimized.

Of course, nothing in this region is bike-optimized, so expect awkward turns, blind obstacles, and all manner of tricky, challenging gnar. While Pedrera can feel awkward in places, this technical showcase provides a rewarding feeling despite being such a short descent.

Cleaning an absurd section of massive boulder moves is ridiculously gratifying—much more so than simply skidding down the loose scree slope of [St.

Pere Martir](https://fatmap.com/routeid/363315/St._Pere_Martir_Loop/@41.3986859,2.1012890,8937.1840771,-22.9050650,0,332.0437663,normal).

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again! Pedrera is one of those trails where a few practice runs and some time spent studying the obstacles will pay massive dividends the next time you ride the trail.

Knowing what to expect and how to line up for the obstacles can suddenly turn some features from mandatory dismounts to entertaining tech. If you're looking for an easier descent down the front side of the mountain, try one of the trails further to the north.