A technical test piece popular with the locals.


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La Secreta is one of the most technical trails on the mountain! This raucous descent is a technical test piece for local riders.

If you can clean this entire trail, that's something to be proud of! The descent begins fast and loose.

While the grade is relatively steep, some riders have fashioned sketchy lips for booter-style jumps and step down drops, but beware the short landings and non-existent runouts! Due to the lack of maintenance, the landing zones can be riddled with bomb holes and washouts, so exercise caution. While the upper section is steep, the grade only gets steeper as you descend.

The sightlines narrow and shorten as the trail drops steeply into a series of gullies and troughs. If the other trails in Collserola are filled with narrow, gnarly troughs, then La Secreta is the king of sketchy trough features.

Several washed out gullies with burly ledge drops around blind corners can catch you by surprise, so ride heads up and try to dial it back… which is difficult on such a fast, steep trail! Two drops in particular are gnarly as all get out. The final section of the descent spits out of a gully onto a steep, loose hillside with a few exposed, sliding corners.

The sketchiness continues all the way down to the final drop to the pavement. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again! La Secreta is one of those trails where a few practice runs and some time spent studying the obstacles will pay massive dividends the next time you ride the trail.

Knowing what to expect and how to line up for the obstacles can suddenly turn some features from mandatory dismounts into entertaining tech.