An easy 2.3 mile loop taking you up close to Yellowstone’s famous hot springs and gushing geysers.


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The trail takes you to a lookout over Upper Geyser Basin, which has incredible views of Old Faithful and many other impressive geysers.

**Directions** Starting at the Visitor Center in Old Faithful Village, follow the signs for the Geyser Hill Trail, which begins as a walkway, passing Old Faithful Lodge on the right.

After a short while, the trail will bring you across the Firehole River, and around to the right, following the Observation Point Trail.

You will now go through the partially burnt and eerily beautiful pine forest, set ablaze in the 1988 wildfires.

The trail leaves the forest and climbs about 20 feet and takes you near the top of the hill, where it eventually splits into 2 branches.

Go right and follow the loop trail up to Observation Point.

The lookout is a feast for the eyes: Yellowstone’s geological splendours spread before you: bubbling mud pots, technicolour hot springs and geysers galore.

There are 150 active geysers, including some of the largest and most predictable erupting geysers, notably Old Faithful, the largest and most famous of them all! Continue along the path, which loops back down from the lookout point to the main trail.

You will pass another couple of lively geysers, before eventually coming to a junction with the Geyser Hill Trail.

Turn left, passing Doublet Pool and the mighty Giantess Geyser.

Keep going along the Geyer Hill Trail, right back to the bridge over Firehole River, which you will recognise from your way out.

**Tips:** Before your visit, check the next predicted eruption of Old Faithful with the Visitor Center.

Expect crowds! **Sources:**