Day 8: The culmination of a fantastic week of trekking through the biggest mountains on Earth.


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After an early start and a tough climb on Gorak Shep yesterday, today is all about savouring the experience of reaching Everest Base Camp itself.

That said, this hike is not easy because it crosses glacial moraine which is always moving (albeit very slowly) and therefore does not have a clear path along it.

The terrain underfoot is generally quite uneven and somewhat awkward to walk on but there isn't much height gain and any time you need a break there's a pretty nice view to look at while you regather your enthusiasm! From Gorak Shep head north/northeast across the football field at the edge of the village and continue onto the moraine of the Khumbu Glacier.

Follow the lefthand edge of this and eventually move onto it.

Once on the glacier, cross over it and continue northeast to the tents and prayer flags of Base Camp.

There is no set route and the exact line changes year by year, but if you follow signs of other people and the occasional cairn you shouldn't go too far wrong.

Soak in the ambiance and the view and try to find a quiet spot to reflect on where you are.

The views are staggering and the excitement of being in such a famous and revered place will send a chill down the spine of any outdoor enthusiast. Having taken plenty of photos (no matter how many you take you'll one day wish you'd taken more), amble back to Gorak Shep and enjoy the prospect of thicker air and warmer temperatures in the next few days.