Hiker-only trail to the top of Flagstaff Mountain in Deer Valley Resort.


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Red Cloud Trail goes up the ski runs of Deer Valley to the top of Flagstaff Mountain.

It climbs nearly 1,000 feet in only a mile, providing quite the workout.

Switchbacks abate the steepness somewhat, but it is constantly uphill.

This is one of the few trails in Deer Valley that is for foot traffic only—no mountain bikers allowed—and is the only hiker-only on Flagstaff Mountain.

It is possible to hike only in the downhill direction by riding a chairlift to the top, but you’ll have to buy a ticket.

If you hike up, the ride down is free. The legwork is a fair price for views you’ll earn along the way, however, especially if you fancy seeing what lies beneath the winter snow when it’s melted away.

You might be surprised by the diversity of vegetation that pops up and the wildlife that moves in during the summer.

You can find an abundance of wildflowers and berry bushes in the understory, as aspen leaves and pine needles rustle in the breeze overhead.

You may see deer, a variety of birds, and maybe even a moose. Red Cloud Trail passes through mixed sun and shade as it switches between ski run clearings and glades.

It is mostly singletrack trail for the first half, then follows a dirt road the rest of the way to the top.

From there, you can either return the way you came or make a loop back down with trails that are shared with bikers.

There is, of course, the option to ride a lift down as well. On Flagstaff Mountain you can find historic remnants of mining activity that established the town of Park City in the late 1800s.

If you spend some time exploring around the top, you’ll come across old mine shafts (off limits), leftover equipment, and information on display. Red Cloud Trail begins from a junction with Mid Mountain Trail, so you'll have to hike Mid Mountain from either Silver Lake Village (shorter) or Empire Village (longer) to reach it.

This is an equally beautiful, singletrack trail that is much less steep than Red Cloud.

It is shared with bikers. Sources: http://www.girlonahike.com/2016/07/hiking-red-cloud-trail-deer-valley-ski.html http://cdn.deervalley.com/web/Content/pdf/planning/trail_maps/DVRSummerTrailMap.pdf