A mellow hike with beautiful views of Barcelona


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Carretera de Les Aigues is a flat gravel road that twists and turns along the side of the Collserola mountains.

This flat gravel bench cut into the mountainside runs for miles at roughly the mid-mountain elevation.

From the road, you’ll enjoy stunning views of Barcelona spread out below you, flanked by the bright blue waters of the Mediterranean! It’s pretty incredible how flat, smooth, and mellow this road is for being located halfway up the side of a mountain.

The stunning scenery combined with the lack of challenge makes Carretera de Les Aigues an ultra-popular place to hike, ride, and run.

You can expect to weave your way through tons of other Barcelona residents escaping the city for some exercise in the mountains.

But thanks to the wide dirt road, and that most of the roadway is now off-limits to motor vehicles, you should have plenty of room to navigate through the crowds. The route mapped here is an out-and-back route beginning from the mid-station of the funicular.

Carretera de Les Aigues crosses the funicular exactly at this point, providing a convenient start to the hike. You can also opt to hike the other way on Les Aigues, or choose to climb from the outskirts of Barcelona, hike across the road, and descend via another road or another trail.

There’s no end of options—this is just one recommended route on Les Aigues.