Long panoramic trip, From Cervinia to top of Du col and back from Valturnache









FATMAP difficulty grade



This is a long trip, I take 3 hours with e-bike, is easy, starting from Cervinia you have to go to the start of funivia Breul-plan Meison II, than follow the road, the first part is hight slope but if you are on e-bike keep the battery for the last part of the ascend because will be harder.

follow this road till the start of funivia Laghi cime bianche // plateau Rosà, now the slope will become very hight and you are on the rocks, stay on right (keep funivia on left) you don't have to go on glacier but stay on right follow Gran sommetta 2, then go down till the lake and up again to du Coll (cime bianche bec Carrè).

here will star the downhill, the first part very hard, stay on left, than you can chose your road, I follow the road because I'm not an expert down hill biker, so il easier, longer and more fun for me.

you down hill till Salette, than follow a flat road on right after few Km, at the crossroad keep right and you will find, a rail track, follow it, it will conduct you to the downhill area of Cervinia, here you can chose your path to downhill till Cervinia town