Escape the crowds on this isolated hike to Granite Lakes.


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The hike to Granite Lakes is a great way to escape the press of the crowds found on most of the other trails in the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River Valley.

“The hike to Granite Lakes follows a crashing creek to two small lakes set in a talus-strewn cirque and home to several rare amphibians,” according to local guidebook author Craig Romano ([Source](

The trail to the lakes consists of an old logging road that’s been rehabilitated and converted into a hiking trail.

"The new trail has excellent drainage features, with many turnpikes, culverts, and drains keeping the surface dry under nearly all conditions,” according to Maxwell Krem on []( During the hike, you’ll enjoy the sight and sounds of the rapids of Granite Creek.

At 1.8 miles into the hike, you’ll cross a bridge over the creek.

During the next section of trail, you’ll have to cross 8-10 tributary creeks that flow into the main Granite Creek.

"These crossings are not difficult by-and-large, but the widest and deepest crossing at 2.4 miles may have ankle-deep waters,” says Krem.

"Waterproof boots and trekking poles will be helpful.

Your payoff after the crossing is a 30-foot waterfall on the left.” Most of the hike takes place beneath a towering forest canopy of hemlock, alder, Douglas fir, and cedar trees.

Higher up the mountain, viewpoints begin to appear through the trees, with the final reward of a beautiful mountain view at Upper Granite Lake! Sources: