Technical, narrow and steep, a hidden gem!


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Marked as ‘Grade II’ in the climbing guidebooks; this should give you an appetite for what’s on offer with this extremely narrow, steep and tapered corridor.

There’s no point in even thinking of skiing this couloir if there hasn’t been too much snow, or it’s early on in the season as it requires a good amount of snow to make the small channel passable to descend by ski. The top of this extremely narrow couloir is flanked by a short yet steep funnel at the top.

The wide, top section of this funnel is usually best entered on the skier’s right hand side, where a slight ridge gives you a little respite from the consistently steep pitch that lay in wait below. Once the wide section of the funnel has been skied, it quickly tapers out into an extremely narrow couloir, with great rocky walls either side of you, which open out slightly now and then to give little breathing space and rest the legs before closing back in on you.

The couloir itself is poker straight and as long you have found it in good snow conditions, it will not offer any further technicalities (aside from the steepness and narrow walls!). The walls begin to open out towards the bottom, creating a wider feeling couloir - it is here that you know that you have passed all the technical skiing and can begin to relax a little more! Once in Corie na Ciste, you can either follow the same path back to the CIC Hut as Number 3 or 4 Gullies.