A beautiful introduction to riding groomed singletrack.


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The 3.1-mile Jolly Green Giants Trail is a wonderful introduction to Grand Targhee Resort's 7 miles of groomed singletrack.

If you have a fat bike and are planning a Targhee ski vacation, bring your bike along! If you don't have a fat bike and always wanted to try riding on snow, you can rent one at the resort.

If you'd prefer to learn from a pro, you can even sign up for “Fat Me Up” lessons.

The bottom line is, the Jolly Green Giants Trail is a joy to ride as it switchbacks up to an open viewing area before plunging down the other side.

To enjoy all of the fun of the Jolly Green Giants Trail, ride up, over and down...

then turn around and ride it the other direction, ending with a fun descent back to the resort’s base area. For an entirely different experience, try riding Jolly Green Giants at night (with a headlamp) to see the valley lights sparkling down below.

A winter trail pass is required for trail access, but considering that Grand Targhee gets 500 inches of snow annually and it takes a groomer 45 minutes per lap and 3-5 laps per grooming session every time it snows...

well, the pristine singletrack is well-worth the cost! Do remember to use common winter fat bike courtesy: ride with low pressure 3.7” or wider tires and wait for the snow to set up before riding, so you don't leave ruts. Some skiers wonder, “Why fat bike at a SKI resort?” The simple answer is, “Because it’s FUN!" The more complex answer is that not everyone skis, not everyone wants to ski, and lots of people like to mix it up.

Some people rent fatties and ride in the morning, then ski all afternoon.

If you love snow, why choose just one adventure, when you can have it all in one place?