A 17-mile mountain loop with views of the Tetons.


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The “Big Holes” mountain range (the northern portion of the Snake River Range) is located across the valley from Grand Targhee Resort and is a well-known snowmobile destination.

The groomed snowmobile trails there are a great option for fat bikers looking for a big day on snow. Parking is at the “Kay Dairy” trailhead, launching riders immediately from the trailhead into a 14% grade climb.

Mercifully, the climb is short and levels off for a brief recovery before resuming at a kinder grade.

If you want to assess your mental toughness, a start like that effectively measures a rider’s resolve! If the snow conditions are firm and undisturbed by any recent snowmobile activity, the trail gains elevation quite enjoyably.

The 17-mile Big Holes Loop route ascends steeply, never more than a mile at a time before providing a level-ish recovery stretch.

In that manner, the 2,000-foot, 9-mile climb never feels overly grueling.

Firm snow conditions allow a rider to fully enjoy the varying environments along the way and will be much appreciated during the steep climbs.

It is worth noting that several climbs would be hike-a-bike in soft conditions.

The physical effort to gain the high point is the admission price to a view of the Tetons! Be sure to enjoy a well-deserved snack while soaking in the view before adding a layer and beginning the descent. The descent is shorter and steeper than the climb, but comes in short stages as a series of “stair-steps.” That makes the descent more fun, and less tiring, than miles of steady elevation loss.

If there has been intense sunshine, the softened snow will make a few steep corners a bit “spicy.” While riding through the canyon, keep an eye out for moose; they are not uncommon in this area.

In closing the loop, enjoy a bit of mellow cruising before the final 14% drop back to the trailhead.

This is a truly fantastic ride in a stunningly-beautiful location!