A superb, serious couloir that features a hazardous entrance and requires a comprehensive experience in the Vormaine area.









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From the top station of Les Autannes chairlift ski in the direction of the Vormaine area, continue bootpacking or skinning up towards the obvious arch-shaped cornice.

Keep reasonable distance away from the chutes. Entrance to the couloir is hazardous and committing.

See the line at the top right corner of the photo.

There are two focal points: First, you must find the right spot in the west to the couloir to drop into the slope before you reach the arch-shaped cornice.

Approach the edge with the utmost care.

Second, you have to do an exposed traverse.

Bear in mind that it is uneasy to get back, depending on the conditions your retreat might require use of an ice axe and crampons. The upper part of the gully is a 45-degree avalanche prone slope with short sections of 50 degrees; it is necessary to know how to manage your sloughs.

Lower section can be icy; your speed has to be kept in check. After you exit the couloir, descend Combe de Vormaine to the ski resort.