A must-do summit run to Snow King Mountain with epic views as you return along Josie's Ridge.


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According to [this article](https://rootsrated.com/jackson-hole-wy/hiking/snow-king-mountain) written by local Dina Mishev, "no trip to Jackson is complete without at least one hike up Snow King." Expansive views of Jackson Hole and the Teton Range can be found at the summit—a commanding viewpoint that many proclaim as the best in town.

Consider this entire loop if you're looking for a short yet challenging run with incredible views every step of the way.

In the first two miles, you begin with a stout 1,500-foot climb from the base of the resort to the summit of Snow King Mountain at 7,800 feet.

Along the way, you'll wind in and out of the treeline on a wide, well-maintained path to the top.

While some runners have made the ascent in under 20 minutes, most should expect between 30 and 45 minutes to reach the summit—a fast hike at best. Utilizing the lift, some visitors simply opt for a one-way trek to the summit for a picnic with a view.

To many, climbing the trail may ultimately prove less taxing than descending due to its steepness.

The lift is typically in operation between May and September and takes between 15 and 20 minutes to make the ascent. Whether you make the climb on foot or start from the top of the lift, this loop follows Josie's Ridge west then returns via Sink or Swim.

Both of these trails are far less popular among visitors, and the noise of the busy summer resort will quickly fade.

As you run, don't forget to look up and soak in incredible views of the Tetons ahead of you. If you're looking for a lesser-traveled trail run with arguably equal views, consider the run to [Crystal Butte](https://fatmap.com/routeid/412439/Crystal_Butte/@43.5879791,-110.8719608,11453.9453266,-58.6715501,-34.0647403,2750.0949511,normal), just a quick drive to the east.

The out-and-back run ventures into the Gros Ventre Wilderness and offers equally rewarding views, plus an abundance of wildflowers and even wildlife during the summer months. Sources: https://rootsrated.com/jackson-hole-wy/hiking/snow-king-mountain https://snowkingmountain.com/activities/scenic-chairlift-ride/ https://freeroaminghiker.com/hike/snow-king-mountain/