As smooth and flat of a beginner mountain bike loop as you'll find just about anywhere in Colorado.


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If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “wow, Colorado’s Rocky Mountains really are ROCKY.

I wish I could just find a smooth, flowy, classic cross country trail to pedal for miles and miles!” then the Soda Creek area is the perfect zone for you! This network of singletrack located near Keystone is pure cross country mountain biking.

While the occasional rock garden will punctuate the trail, all things considered this loop is about one thing: banging out miles of sweet singletrack in drop-dead-gorgeous surroundings. As an added bonus, if you follow the loop mapped here, you’ll complete what might just be one of the flattest, flowiest, and most scenic MTB rides in the High Rockies region.

It’s very rare to find a trail this beginner-friendly in this area, so if you’re a mountain biker on the rise, take advantage of this rare gem to hone your skills! The Aqueduct trail that the loop starts on is a little narrower and steeper than Soda Creek, so realize that overall the ride will get easier as you go along.

In early summer, the wildflowers blooming along the first stretch trail will distract you from the small amount of climbing that you have to do as you pedal up the long, low valley.

If you want to add on more not-too-difficult miles, before you leave the Soda Creek trail for good and pedal through the subdivision, consider checking out the many splits and alternative routes.

You could entertain yourself for hours checking out all of the short, easy loops in this area!