Scott Duncan hut to hwy 1


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ACCESS: The most common exit from the Scott Duncan Hut is via Sherbrooke Lake and the Scheisser/Lomas route. An 11km ski tour to the West Louise Lodge which puts you 14km west of Lake Louise on Highway 1.

You loose approximately 1,190m / 3,900ft and requires 5 - 6 hours to complete and in bad weather can be quite challenging so you need to be prepared.

Leaving the Scott Duncan Hut you would ski around the cliff band immediately in front of the hut and then head in a southerly direction using Mt Daly as a handrail on your left and Mount Niles as your target.

After a few kilometers you will come to a small peak go to the right of this and descend down to the westerly shoulder of Mount Niles.

Continue due south on a very large bench that will provide a nice descent of almost 2 km that wraps around to your right (west).

Be sure to ski far right until you know that you're above Sherbrooke Creek, if you don't go far enough west you may get cliffed out in the trees.

Ski through the trees a short distance until you find Sherbrook Creek bed and then follow this out to Sherbrook Lake and cross it to the far end.

Ascend the slope on your left and begin searching for the summer trail or remnants of ski tracks which will lead you east around the shoulder of Paget Peak to the West Louise Lodge on Highway 1 a few kilometres away. Route description by