Chancer offers the longest descent down to Braveheart Chairlift, but is reserved for advanced skiers.









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The famous Back Corries of Nevis Range are the go-to spot for all backcountry enthusiasts visiting the area, if conditions are stable. With different entrances across the whole Corie rim that vary in steepness (steepest on the skier’s right hand side), the Back Corries caters for all ranges of skill levels from intermediate - expert skiers. The welcoming staff in the Ski Patrol hut at the top of the Summit Button tow will be more than happy to give you advice on the most recent conditions in the Back Corries and advise you on anywhere that’s worth avoiding before you head down into them, so pop your head in and say ‘hi’ once off the Summit Button. From the ski patrol hut, follow the fence line in a northerly direction via the ‘Lemming Ridge’ (patrol will close the Back Corries if they deem it too unsafe) to then reach the Nid ridge that gives access to the Back Corries on its right hand side.

You’re free to drop into any area you wish along this ridgeline, depending on your ability level and the conditions on the day. Chancer is the drop-in with the largest cornices usually, and these are followed by a fairly large landing spot, so make sure you’re handy on your skis/board before hucking off the top, or you may go for a slide all the way down to the top of the Braveheart Chair. Chancer is also a great way to head over and into Coire an Lochain where you’ll be sure to find less people and tracks before having to cut back to reach Braveheart Chair at the base of the corrie. Depending on the snow level, you’ll be able to ski underneath the Braveheart Chairlift to the base of Coire Dubh, to then take the chairlift back up which gives you enough height to then traverse around the Nid Ridge to access Rob Roy’s Return which leads back to the Gondola top station. Please be aware that you will need to traverse high and skier’s left, keeping enough height to return back to resort via Rob Roy’s Return if the Braveheart Chairlift isn’t open.

You can of course head down to Braveheart and skin back out, but this requires the use of ski touring equipment.