This hike towards the Col and Lake Grand Fond in Vanoise National Park offers a superb view of the glaciers, the peaks, and a beautiful lake.


4 - 5









FATMAP difficulty grade



This hike is great for those who are fond of having their efforts rewarded by incredible views, and who love hiking in the mountains.

Also, you’re likely to encounter alpine wildlife along this trail. The route starts at the Manchet ski lift.

Follow the paved road, which merges into the trail.

The route climbs all the way to the Col along a beautiful valley with a cute stream.

The scenery is classic, stunning Alps.

The lush green, alpine pastures at the start slowly give way to a shaley, barren harshness reaching above the valley floor and on the gentle climb to the refuge. After round two-thirds of the trail/climb, the classic French Refuge du Fond des Four is reached.

It's nestled in a stunning location! Known for the hospitality of the owners, this is a wonderful place to stop for a snack or spend a night.

With a wonderful patio, a sunny day can be enjoyed, surrounded by stunning scenery. Once you arrive at Col des Fours (2976m), the effort of the climb will be forgotten thanks to the extraordinary view of the glaciers and border summits with Italy. To return, reverse the route. Catering is available at the Ferme de l´Arselle.