A brilliant and atmospheric line through some big mountain terrain.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Ride the Skalnaté Pleso - Lomnické Sedlo chairlift and at the top, hike north-west (continuing in the same direction the chairlift was taking you) for 30 metres to reach a slope which leads into this line. The exact point at which you enter the line will depend on snow cover, but just keep hiking up for a minute or 2 from the chairlift and you'll find an entry. Once into the line the skiing is wonderful - 35 degrees and between 2 rock walls.

As you descend these walls close in on you and the couloir becomes narrower and narrower but never so narrow that you can't link turns and get into a flow.

On the narrow section there are a few options, including (if snow cover permits) cutting out onto the slabby ground to skier's left.

Having exited the narrow section, get a few nice mellow turns beneath the Lomnický štít cable car cables and then (before you lose too much height) cut right and make the long traverse back to the foot of the Skalnaté Pleso - Lomnické Sedlo chairlift.

Once you've skied this line for the first time you can better judge the traverse back to the lift and perhaps get a few more turns in.