If you want to experience skiing in the midnight sun, this is the perfect peak!


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Storstolpan is one of the classics on Kvaløya.

With its north-facing top slope you often find good snow here.

The ski season is also long.

The peak is located on the edge of Kvaløya and is one of the peaks of the Ersfjordtraversen.

Like the other peaks along the Ersfjord, the views from the mountain are breathtaking. The starting point is between Rekvik and Tromvik.

From Tromsø it is approximately 50 kilometers drive.

The last part of the road from Tromvik has not been given high priority by the local authorities, so sports cars are therefore not recommended here.

There are plenty of opportunities to park at the starting point.

The start of the tour is up smooth terrain for 200 vertical meters to the hump between "Humpen" and "Rundheia" at about 450 meters above sea level.

From here you can choose to keep some height to the east under "Storstolpan".

This can be a bit risky on days with a lot of sun exposure in the west-facing side.

The normal route is therefore to ski down to the lake at 340m, and make the effort to ascend 100 extra vertical meters. From the lake, a long northwest face starts of 600 vertical meters.

The flank is about 30 degrees steep all the way, before the last 30 meters get steeper.

Here, the skis usually have to be taken off, and they can just as well remain here if you do not have a burning desire to descend on the bumpy trail from about 40 people that are here on an average spring day.

It can be good to have an ice axe on the last part up to the summit, if you meet icy conditions.

From the top you are met by a breathtaking view over all the summits around "Ersfjorden", the open sea, and you can see as far as to Tromsø city.

It's for this reason that this is one of the, if not the most, famous spring tour on Kvaløya. Descend the same way as you ascended.