The go-to mountain in the Tromsø region on powder days


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This is an easily accessible peak on "Kattfjordeidet", and with its more or less north-facing slope this is a good alternative for afternoon trips in the late spring.

It's approximately an hour's march to the top, and easy, but varied skiing down again. "Steinskardtinden" is one of the many easily accessible peaks at "Kattfjordeidet", and consequently much visited throughout the season.

The top is the first mountain located on the left hand side when you drive towards "Kattfjordeidet", from Tromsø.

There is a big parking area on the right side of the road.

You can take several routes to the top.

Described is the normal route.

The trail is laid in the direction of the ridge, which is named, "Steinskardfjellet", on the map.

To the east of this ridge stretches a valley slope, which is followed upwards.

Be aware that between 400-500 meters above sea level, there are smaller parts that are 30-35 degrees and that the sides of the valley are steeper.

The valley is a potential terrain trap.

At about 650 m one can lay the track a little more to the west before touring towards the highest point on "Steinskardtinden".

The peak is only 817 meters, and when you start at just under 150 meters, this is not the biggest challenge Tromsø has to offer in terms of tours.

Nevertheless, it is quite possible to get good skiing, and the snow is here until May.

This is a good alternative to an afternoon ski tour and it's also many peoples go-to mountain when it's powder conditions in Tromsø.

This is an effective mountain with many possibilities for varied descends, where you can lap 2, 3 and maybe 4 times in a day.