A hidden pearl for an afternoon tour which offers great skiing


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"Langdaltinden" is one of many fine ski mountains on Breivikeidet.

"Langdaltinden" is approached without any approach march and offers several alternatives for the descent.

"Langdaltinden" lies west of the ferry dock at "Breivikeidet".

From Tromsø, drive towards "Ramfjord", take a left at the intersection at "Fagernes" and follow signs for "Breivikeidet". You can easily find parking at the intersection towards "Sjursnes", but if you find any parking spots before you come to the intersection - that would be the optimal choice. The start of the tour is about half a kilometer in flat terrain before you begin to ascend the eastern side of the "Finnheimelva".

The first approximately 200 altitude meters through the forest are characterized by relatively dense thickets, before it opens up at around 300 meters above sea level.

The route continues along the "Finnheimelva" to about 550 meters before turning east towards Langdalstinden's southern ridge. Up on the ridge there is a gentle ascent of barely 300 vertical meters to the top, and once on this final section you can start enjoying the view of the Lyngen Alps.

At the top there is a small cairn and the view is great in all directions. Once skiing down you can descend into the cave where it's a little steeper at around 35 degrees (as the gpx file shows).

Otherwise you descend the same way as you ascended down to "Finnheimelva".

At this point you can ski on the west hand side of the river, where there are a little less thickets.

Regardless of the choice of side of the river, you are plagued with a little scrub on the descent.