A short, accessible summit hike to the rugged heights of Pointe des Fours from the Snow Bridge close to Col d'Iseran.


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This route provides a short, accessible summit hike to the rugged heights of Pointe des Fours from le Pont de la Neige close to the Col l'Iseran pass.

The route offers the chance to get into high barren, alpine territory with all its rugged, unspoilt landscape relatively quickly from the start point. This short out-and-back route is a perfect morning or afternoon activity.

That said, it's still a steep climb to reach the summit despite being such a short distance.

Whilst so close, make sure you visit the infamous Col l'Iseran; an understated and large col which also offers a small refreshments shack.

The start point and car park is located a few meters after the le Pont de la Neige (2528m) at the edge of the Col de l'Iseran road.

Follow the marked trail towards Col des Fours.

The trail is singletrack all the way, so it's easy to follow it to the Pointe des Fours summit. You'll pass two small, beautiful glacial lakes before the summit.

You'll also pass Col des Fours a few hundred meters below the summit of Pointe des Fours. Enjoy the amazing 360-degree views once at the summit; see how many peaks you can identify from this perfect viewing spot.

This is high Alps terrain at its best! To return, reverse the route to the start point.

Or, as an alternative descent, retrace the route to the Col des Fours and use the descent route provided by "Col des Fours from Manchet." This finishes at the small village of le Manchet where a bus service is available, or a further walk is required to reach Val d'Isere.