Up over the ridge and back again, with great views the whole way.


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Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area is a surprisingly green and spacious park, especially considering its location in the urban area.

It’s a popular place for family activities and casual exercise, but runners will enjoy the dirt trails that extend beyond the main use areas.

The convenient access and quality terrain make it one of the best places for a trail run in the city.

The park straddles a prominent ridge, and this loop covers topography on both sides of it.

Over the course of the run, you’ll get elevated views in every direction of the compass.

As mapped, it begins from the entrance on La Cienega Blvd on the west side of the park (there are other access points as well).

From there, you’ll start uphill right away, on a wide path that leads to the shoulder of the ridge.

It meets with a fire road in a clump of trees, then continues up the crest with wide-open views, and flattens out near the top.

You’ll pass a few overlooks with shade structures and another patch of taller trees, then make a slight descent with another wide panorama. Next comes the central area of Kenneth Hahn Recreation Area, called The Bowl.

It’s a broad, grassy depression in the hilltop.

A paved and a dirt path circle The Bowl, which you’ll follow briefly before turning through the parking lot and picking up a gravel path leading south.

This soon leads to another dirt trail on the east side of the ridge.

A downhill-to-uphill loop on these slopes leads back to The Bowl, which you’ll trace the other side of to get back on the ridgetop trail where you started, and return downhill to the car. Kenneth Hahn Park is open sunrise to sunset.

Come on a weekday if you can, when it’s less busy and when parking is free.

On weekends and holidays, it’s $6 to park.

You can alternatively get here by public transportation or link with a road run from elsewhere in the city. Sources: https://parks.lacounty.gov/kenneth-hahn-state-recreation-area/ https://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=612