Day 2: After a relatively mellow start yesterday, today is all about getting into the high mountains and in position for your summit push.


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From Ikiss village, follow a clear path up the wide open valley to the southwest.

The path climbs gently as it winds up the valley, and then steepens for the climb up to Tizi-m-Oumskiyg (2910m) col.

The col is somewhat indistinct, and feels wide and huge.

The views from here are expansive, and it's at this point that you begin to understand just how wild this place is. From the col, turn south and continue up the path as it zigzags steeply to the Tizi n'Oughri (3400m) col.

From here there are staggering views across the vast Tarkeddit Plateau and over to Mgoun itself.

It is downhill to the refuge here, so soak in the view and ambiance for a while before heading down. Once you do get going, the path descends quite steeply down to the plateau, and then there is a final 15-minute slog across sandy ground to the refuge.

The refuge is locked except for when it has been booked, so hiring a ground agent and making sure your horsemen already have the key for the door will feel like money well spent when you arrive.

Numerous groups who tried to do this trip unsupported have arrived at the refuge expecting it to be open, only to have a nasty surprise when they can't get in. Once in the hut, get a glass of mint tea and soak up the sun.

The sunsets from the hut are spectacular but in winter, they are accompanied by a rapid and severe drop in temperature! Get an early night in preparation for the summit tomorrow.