A flowy gem of cross country singletrack.


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While Parc de Collserola is filled with uber-rocky enduro descents, if you know where to look, you can find gems of flowy cross country singletrack.

This loop follows uncharacteristically-smooth trails with incredible views from the top of the ridge. The route as mapped here begins from the edge of the city and climbs up to La Muralla China.

As usual, there are multiple ways to access this route, including from the funicular.

There are also many ways to extend this route, but the combination mapped here provides a great after work pedal. After climbing up the steep paved road, jump on the popular La Muralla China trail and rip around the flowy bench cut singletrack.

This trail is often filled with other trail users, including hikers, trail runners, and other mountain bikers, so exercise caution—especially on the weekend. The Oncle Quimet trail cranks the views up to 10! Where most of the other trails in Collserola are hidden deep in the forest, Oncle Quimet traverses the top of a ridge toward Turo de la Coscollera.

This is, again, an uncharacteristically smooth singletrack and also an uncharacteristically exposed trail. Right about the time you pass under a big power line, the descent begins in earnest! The descent down the Missy Giove trail to Hipica is also quite smooth and flowy—perfect for a hardtail 29er with skinny tires.

While a few sections drop quickly, other portions of the descent flow along the sidehill, eeking as much distance out of the small amount of elevation drop as possible.

While a few portions of the trail are exposed thanks to the south-facing slopes, most of the descent consists of the bob-and-weave move that you've undoubtedly grown accustomed to in Collserola. All too quickly, you're back down onto the pavement.

It'll take several miles of city pedaling to return to your starting point, but as you do, savor the delightful memories of the mountain top views you were able to enjoy!