An intermediate trail run through mountainside meadows and stands of aspen.









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While the [Bannock Trail]('s_Mountain) should be considered one of the top trail runs at the Grand Targhee Resort, there is an abundance of pristine singletrack across the mountain that must be explored.

Beginning at the base of the Dreamcatcher Lift, this loop pairs two popular cross-country (XC) trails for a ~7-mile loop with stunning views through mountainside meadows and stands of aspen.

It can be run in either direction and is especially vibrant during the late afternoon and evening as the setting sun illuminates the mountainside.

Andy's Trail was built by - and named in honor of - the lead trail builder Andy Williams, according to the resort.

[This]( article written in 2018 describes a cumulative trail network well over 60 miles, including the downhill mountain bike trails.

Action Jackson Trail parallels Andy's further down on the ridge but includes a few sets of switchbacks to offer more gradual climbing and extra miles.

At the point where both trails meet, consider running the Buffalo Soldier loop (as mapped) for some of the best views this side of the mountain.

The trail wanders along a high point and awards views of Teton Canyon to the south, and the Teton Massif to the east.