A local favorite run to an alpine lake and summit of Jackson Peak at 10,700'.


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Just 25 minutes from Jackson, this local favorite is a great summer trail run with epic views, sagebrush hillsides, pine forests, alpine lakes, and the option to summit Jackson Peak at nearly 10,700'.

As an out-and-back run, you can go as far or as little as you'd like! Due to its popularity, consider an early start to your day to avoid much of the crowd.

At just ~6 miles round trip, Goodwin Lake offers "some of the sweetest alpine water" in all of the Tetons according to [this article](https://www.theoutbound.com/wyoming/backpacking/hike-and-camp-on-jackson-peak).

The lake is also widely renowned for its excellent trout fishing, though many simply wish to spend the night along its shores.

According to sources, there are plenty of defined campsites in the area, many of which have their own fire pits.

For those looking for some extra miles, Jackson Peak is about 5 miles (10 round trip) from the trailhead and offers impeccable 360-degree views from its exposed summit.

Take a seat on one of the many natural rock benches and soak in views of the Tetons, Gros Ventre Wilderness, Jackson, and Snow King Mountain, among others.

The addition of the summit will also lead you through stunning alpine terrain with expansive views and along trails blazed only with cairns. Most of this route is runnable, with only a few steep sections that may prove challenging to some.

The trailhead, however, is at 8,100', meaning you may feel the effects of the thinner high-mountain air at times.

To limit the effects of altitude sickness and dehydration, be especially mindful of how much water you consume.

Even if you can run 10 miles without water on your home trail, consider at least a handheld water bottle or hydration pack for this run. According to the Forest Service, if you continue past the lake to the summit, the trail does not see routine maintenance but is typically in good shape due to the amount of traffic it receives.

They also note that black bears can frequently be seen along much of the route.

Consider running in groups of at least three and carry both bear bells and bear spray at all times.

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