An excellent couloir on a prominent and quiet peak - what more can you ask for?!?!


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Although prominent and visible from miles around, Mont de Grange doesn't see as much ski traffic as you might expect because it's quite a serious little peak which isn't easy to summit or ski off.

However, there are numerous adventurous ski lines off the peak (including this one) so making the effort to go and check it out is highly recommended. Start the day by parking in the village of Chapelle d'Abondance and riding the Téléski de la Combe draglift to the highest point in the village's ski area.

From here there are several ways of climbing Mont de Grange but the most scenic and enjoyable is to skin south through trees from the top of the draglift to reach the north-west ridge of Montage de Pertuis. Follow this to Montage de Pertuis (which is little more than a spot height on a ridge) and continue onto the west/north-west ridge of Mont de Grange itself.

Keep on the ridge, dropping off right whenever there is a steep or rocky section, and follow it all the way to the foot of the Mont de Grange's summit tower.

Climb this on foot (it's too steep and rocky to skin up) to reach the summit proper.

Immediately west of the summit is the Pertuis Couloir which is rarely in condition but is a very steep and much sought after line. This route is slightly mellower and more often skiable and is accessed by hiking back the way you came for 20 metres to where the hike up the summit tower flattened out.

At this point drop into the obvious couloir to the west and follow it (micro navigating around rocks and little cliff bands as required) all the way down to the wide bowl west of Mont de Grange.

The skiing in the couloir is never too steep but it is continually exciting and fun. Once in the bowl follow it easily as it naturally guides you into a tree filled gully which leads to the Chalets de Pertuis.

Savour a final moment of tranquility and then descend another tree filled gully back into the Chapelle d'Abondance ski area.