A superb fat biking loop mixing packed singletrack and a wide road grade.


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The B&B Mine Trailhead is one of the premier starting points for human powered winter recreation.

From snowshoeing to nordic skiing to fat biking, all over snow users can find something to love in this zone.

A myriad of loop options are available depending on how much traffic has packed in the trails.

While it appears that the town may groom a few of the lower trails in this area, in general the singletrack gets packed down due to sheer human traffic. For fat biking, this means that conditions can be very hit-or-miss depending on how much snow has fallen and how many people have been out on the trails packing them down.

But when the conditions are optimal, this network of trails provides absolutely blissful fat biking opportunities! The singletrack trails, such as Turk’s and Upper Turk’s, aren’t the easiest fat biking—they have a few steep climbing corners and off camber sections.

However, the added challenge from the tight trail creates a much more playful feeling than you’ll find on snowmobile-groomed fat biking trails in other parts of Central Colorado.

The traffic packed singletrack maintains the swoop and flow of a standard trail, with delightful rollers to pop off of, and even a few cool bridges to cross. Up high, the singletrack breaks out into breathtaking meadows buried in snow, with stunning views of the surrounding mountains and the mine across the road.

Upper Turk’s runs into Sally Barber, a wide road grade (not open to motor vehicles in the winter) that’s even more popular with all sorts of human-powered winter trail users.

Here, the climbing continues in earnest, but after just a couple of miles you’ll top out at the Sally Barber Mine, from whence the road gets its name. The views from the mine are simply stunning! If you want to stop, take a few photos, and eat lunch, this is the place to do it.

Sally Barber road drops quickly down to the gate and trailhead.

Just past the trailhead, look for the singletrack on your right, and drop into a series of tight switchbacks.

It’s easy to tell that no groomer has been through this trail. A right turn at the bottom will take you to V3—a black diamond-rated trail in the summer that’s not nearly that difficult in the winter.

However, it is narrower, more exposed, and steeper than most of the trails you’ll have ridden thus far.

Based on my experience here, it also gets less traffic overall, but during my ride it was very passable on a fat bike.

That said, your mileage may—and probably will—vary. Above and beyond this loop there are even other options in this zone for fantastic fat biking, depending on how long it’s been since the last big snowstorm.

So grab your fatty, drop your tire pressure, and get ready to have an absolutely superb snow ride!