A remote-feeling peak which provides huge views across Mont Blanc's South face and some fantastic tree skiing.


4 - 5









FATMAP difficulty grade



This is a fantastic, relatively low altitude ski tour which is often skiable in November and therefore makes an excellent early season option. Start in the tiny, quiet village of Arpy and follow the Arpy cross country skiing track south from the village and into the forests.

At the furthest south point of the cross country track, leave it for a smaller, less distinct path which winds its way south all the way to Arpy Lake, which is utterly stunning.

Generally there is a skin track in place up to the lake but if not the line to take is the same as the summer track, which should be obvious even if it's snow covered because it is the only clear way through the otherwise tight trees. Once at the lake, skin up the huge south-east face of Punta Croce all the way to the summit.

The last few metres of the ascent are amazing and provide views across the vast South face of Mont Blanc.

There is a series of walls and ruined buildings on the summit and these provide some shelter on windy days.

From the summit ski east and then drop left onto the mountain's north-east face.

This can be skied just about anywhere so treat our line as a vague guide rather than a strict instruction.

Hunt out the best snow and terrain and enjoy the ride! Whichever precise line you take the face spits you out back on the ascent track.

Follow this back to Arpy.